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2004: How RowTv video is organised

1 Archive [Home: Top Menu] Low-resolution streaming video for 56kps modems. All race clips since 2001. Lists for 1999-2000. Stored in time / day / regatta / month / year order. Find your club with Ctrl+F and just enough club name to make a match

2 Henley Finals [Menu above] Broadband video of most finals and semi-finals from 1999 to 2007

3 Recent [Home: Left Menu] Last season's race clips at broadband quality. Video file sizes so big I have to erase them between seasons.

4 Current [Home] This season's race clips at broadband quality. Stored on Google Video UK

5 This new Showcase stored and streamed first by Google Video and now by their subsidiary YouTube. So I don't have to erase between seasons. These clips wll be stored for ever, so far as I know. If you find my layout too limiting, the YouTube link is instantly available to adjust video size. downloads - including Video I-Pod or Sony PlayStation - email, and posting to your blog or community web site. Return here with the [Back] button

All RowTv clips are available on DVD. Less convenient, but lower priced, current clips are also available on DV tape for your TV playback or DVD recording

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