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2006: how RowTv video was organised

1 Archive Low-resolution streaming video for 56kps modems. Race clips since 2001. Lists only for 1999-2000. Stored in time / day / regatta / month / year order.

2 Henley Finals Broadband video of most finals and semi-finals from 1999 to 2013

3 Around 2006 Previous season's races at broadband quality. Video file sizes so big they had to be erased between seasons.

4 Current This season's race clips at broadband quality. Stored on Google Video UK, now closed for updates

5 This new Showcase stored and streamed by YouTube. No more deleting clips between seasons. This coverage wll be stored for ever, so far as I know. If you find RowTv layout too restrictive, the YouTube link is constantly available to adjust video size, email, add to your playlists or capture downloads.