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Head of the River Fours 1, Saturday 8 November 2008

CrewsHOR4 1HOR4 2HOR4 3HOR4 4HOR4 5HOR4 6HOR4 7HOR4 8HOR4 9HOR4 10

EventNoCrewC_ Class O_ Overall T_ Time
E 4x- [ 1] Tideway Scullers I C_1: O_1: T_18:35.65
E 4x- [ 2] Leander I C_3: O_3: T_18:46.32
E 4x- [ 3] Reading Univ I C_2: O_2: T_18:44.63
E 4x- [ 5] RCN Vigo C_4: O_17: T_19:37.86
E 4x- [ 6] Reading Univ II C_5: O_21: T_19:41.30
E 4x- [ 7] Upper Thames RC I C_8: O_59: T_20:12.41
E 4x- [ 8] Wallingford RC I C_6: O_22: T_19:41.62
E Lwt 4x- [ 9] Durham Univ BC/Durham Sch C_4: O_28: T_19:46.78
E Lwt 4x- [10] Imperial Coll I C_2: O_8: T_19:23.85
E Lwt 4x- [11] Leander II C_1: O_5: T_19:17.92
E Lwt 4x- [12] London RC I O_0: T_DNF
E Lwt 4x- [13] London RC/Tees RC O_TimeOnly: T_19:31.42
E Lwt 4x- [14] Tideway Scullers II C_3: O_10: T_19:30.78
E Lwt 4x- [15] Imperial Coll II C_5: O_92: T_20:26.91
E Lwt 4x- [16] Tideway Scullers III O_TimeOnly: T_20:19.88
S1 4x- [17] Tees RC I C_3: O_203: T_21:17.20
S1 4x- [18] Leander III C_1: O_7: T_19:22.76
S1 4x- [19] Star Club/Putney T/Trent/Sudbury C_2: O_48: T_20:05.17
S1 4x- [20] Walton RC I O_TimeOnly: T_20:26.99
E 4- [21] Leander IV C_1: O_49: T_19:26.97
E 4- [22] London RC II C_2: O_13: T_19:35.26
E 4- [24] Army RC I C_7: O_84: T_20:24.17
E 4- [26] Leander V C_5: O_45: T_20:01.53
E 4- [27] London RC III C_6: O_46: T_20:02.13
E 4- [28] Molesey BC I C_4: O_36: T_19:57.00
E 4- [29] Molesey BC II C_3: O_18: T_19:38.04
E 4+ [30] Molesey BC III C_2: O_11: T_19:32.37
E 4+ [31] Isis II C_3: O_15: T_19:35.65
E 4+ [32] Leander VI C_5: O_27: T_19:45.07
E 4+ [33] Isis III C_7: O_40: T_19:58.56
E 4+ [34] Cambridge Univ I C_1: O_44: T_19:16.38
E 4+ [35] Cambridge Univ II C_8: O_52: T_20:06.53
E 4+ [36] Isis IV C_6: O_35: T_19:56.96
E 4+ [37] Old Collegians/Univ Coll Dublin RC C_9: O_198: T_21:14.04
E 4+ [38] Cambridge Univ III C_4: O_19: T_19:38.57
E 4+ [39] Berliner RC C_10: O_245: T_21:36.57