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Head of the River Fours 7, Saturday 8 November 2008

CrewsHOR4 1HOR4 2HOR4 3HOR4 4HOR4 5HOR4 6HOR4 7HOR4 8HOR4 9HOR4 10

EventNoCrewC_ Class O_ Overall T_ Time
S3 4+ (A) [320] Edinburgh Univ BC II C_17: O_169: T_21:20.70
S3 4+ (A) [321] Imperial Coll IX C_3: O_128: T_20:46.02
S3 4+ (A) [322] Kingston Gs II C_15: O_196: T_21:11.70
S3 4+ (A) [323] 1St & 3Rd Trinity II C_33: O_285: T_21:56.18
S3 4+ (A) [324] Abingdon Sch II C_1: O_109: T_20:37.14
S3 4+ (A) [326] Bath Univ II C_46: O_360: T_22:43.93
S3 4+ (A) [327] Bedford Modern III C_16: O_204: T_21:17.20
S3 4+ (A) [328] Bournemouth Uni C_37: O_305: T_22:11.05
S3 4+ (A) [329] Cardiff Univ BC II C_22: O_222: T_21:24.17
S3 4+ (A) [330] Downing Coll C_9: O_175: T_21:04.71
S3 4+ (A) [332] Edinburgh Univ BC IIIO_TimeOnly: T_22:26.71
S3 4+ (A) [331] Durham Sch I C_29: O_265: T_21:48.39
S3 4+ (A) [333] Emmanuel BC I C_39: O_316: T_22:16.00
S3 4+ (A) [334] Hampton Sch II C_7: O_171: T_21:03.26
S3 4+ (A) [335] Hertford Coll I C_47: O_361: T_22:44.49
S3 4+ (A) [336] Imperial Coll X C_14: O_193: T_21:11.37
S3 4+ (A) [337] Jesus Coll Cam II C_44: O_339: T_22:32.92
S3 4+ (A) [338] Kings Coll Lon II C_30: O_266: T_21:48.97
S3 4+ (A) [339] Kings Sch Chester III DISQUALIFIED
S3 4+ (A) [340] Latymer Upper III C_25: O_237: T_21:32.70
S2 4- [212] Minerva Bath I C_40: O_335: T_22:28.78
S3 4+ (A) [325] Anglia Ruskin C_45: O_346: T_22:36.46
S3 4+ (A) [341] Leeds University II C_34: O_286: T_21:58.05
S3 4+ (A) [342] Magdalene BC C_36: O_298: T_22:06.38
S3 4+ (A) [343] Manchester, The Univ BC II C_20: O_220: T_21:23.40
S3 4+ (A) [344] Monmouth Sch RC C_32: O_275: T_21:51.67
S3 4+ (A) [345] Nephthys I C_18: O_215: T_21:20.70
S3 4+ (A) [346] Oxford Brookes X C_2: O_114: T_20:39.46
S3 4+ (A) [347] Pembroke Coll Oxf II C_35: O_295: T_22:02.73
S3 4+ (A) [348] Reading Univ VII C_13: O_189: T_21:10.00
S3 4+ (A) [349] Royal Holloway C_43: O_330: T_22:27.10
S3 4+ (A) [350] Royal Shrew Sch BC II C_28: O_259: T_21:44.36
S3 4+ (A) [351] Sheffield Univ I C_11: O_186: T_21:07.97
S3 4+ (A) [353] Southampton Univ II C_12: O_188: T_21:09.50
S3 4+ (A) [354] St Georges Coll IIO_TimeOnly: T_22:15.41
S3 4+ (A) [355] Trinity Hall C_27: O_254: T_21:39.54
S3 4+ (A) [356] Univ Coll Dur C_31: O_268: T_21:49.24
S3 4+ (A) [357] Univ Of London BC II C_6: O_160: T_20:59.29
S3 4+ (A) [358] W Of England Univ III C_21: O_221: T_21:23.80
S3 4+ (A) [359] Warwick Univ VI C_26: O_238: T_21:33.04
S3 4+ (A) [360] Wolfson Coll Oxf C_24: O_234: T_21:32.02
S3 4+ (A) [361] Bath Univ III C_38: O_313: T_22:14.64
S3 4+ (A) [362] Emmanuel BC II C_42: O_323: T_22:20.55
S3 4+ (A) [364] Latymer Upper IV C_10: O_182: T_21:06.65
S3 4+ (A) [365] Leeds University III C_40: O_319: T_22:17.01
S3 4+ (A) [366] Manchester, The Univ BC III C_23: O_224: T_21:25.20
S3 4+ (A) [367] Nephthys II C_8: O_172: T_21:03.35
S3 4+ (A) [368] Oxford Brookes XI C_5: O_147: T_20:53.56
S3 4+ (A) [369] Royal Shrew Sch BC III C_19: O_217: T_21:21.41
S3 4+ (A) [370] Sheffield Univ II C_48: O_384: T_22:59.34
S3 4+ (A) [371] Univ Of London BC III C_4: O_138: T_20:50.75
S3 4+ (A) [372] Warwick Univ VII C_41: O_321: T_22:17.36