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Head of the River Fours 9, Saturday 8 November 2008

CrewsHOR4 1HOR4 2HOR4 3HOR4 4HOR4 5HOR4 6HOR4 7HOR4 8HOR4 9HOR4 10

EventNoCrewC_ Class O_ Overall T_ Time
W J 4x- [430] Marlow RC VIII C_13: O_350: T_22:37.53
W J 4x- [432] Henley RC IX C_2: O_236: T_21:32.67
W J 4x- [433] Headington Sch I C_7: O_328: T_22:24.66
W J 4x- [434] Barn Elms/Royal Docks C_28: O_463: T_25:09.66
W J 4x [435] Durham Sch II C_24: O_435: T_24:06.09
W J 4x- [436] Gloucester RC IV C_18: O_377: T_22:54.75
W J 4x- [437] Headington Sch II C_20: O_400: T_23:20.13
W J 4x- [438] Henley RC X C_12: O_344: T_22:35.64
W J 4x- [439] Kings Sch Cant II C_27: O_443: T_24:12.42
W J 4x- [440] Kingston Gs III C_14: O_356: T_22:42.30
W J 4x- [441] Lady E Holles I C_3: O_240: T_21:33.28
W J 4x- [442] Lea RC VI C_9: O_338: T_22:31.26
W J 4x- [443] Lea RC/Barn Elms C_15: O_365: T_22:47.29
W J 4x- [444] Llandaff RC III C_23: O_426: T_23:56.06
W J 4x- [445] Maidenhead RC IV C_22: O_415: T_23:38.46
W J 4x- [446] Nottingham RC V C_10: O_342: T_22:34.25
W J 4x- [447] Putney High Sch C_21: O_413: T_23:36.35
W J 4x- [449] St Peters Sch II C_8: O_337: T_22:30.26
W J 4x- [450] Star Club II C_16: O_369: T_22:51.32
W J 4x- [451] Star Club/St Neots RC C_1: O_229: T_21:28.38
W J 4x- [452] Tideway Scullers/American School C_4: O_273: T_21:50.32
W J 4x- [453] Walton RC III C_17: O_372: T_22:51.99
W J 4x- [454] Yarm Sch II C_26: O_441: T_24:11.61
W J 4x- [455] Yarm Sch/Tees RC C_5: O_282: T_21:54.81
W J 4x- [456] Headington Sch III C_25: O_437: T_24:08.05
W J 4x- [457] Lady E Holles II C_6: O_308: T_22:11.72
W J 4x- [458] Lady E Holles III C_11: O_343: T_22:35.27
W J 4x- [459] Lady E Holles IV C_19: O_397: T_23:14.23
WS2 4- [460] Barnes Bridge Ladies I C_1: O_270: T_21:49.75
WS2 4- [461] Henley RC XIO_TimeOnly: T_22:58.62
WS2 4- [462] Broxbourne RC III C_6: O_380: T_22:54.94
WS2 4- [464] Nottingham RC VI C_8: O_402: T_23:23.02
WS2 4- [465] Osiris I C_2: O_309: T_22:12.67
WS2 4- [466] Putney Town III C_9: O_403: T_23:23.69
WS2 4- [467] Staines III C_3: O_327: T_22:23.40
WS2 4- [468] Tees RC IV C_5: O_370: T_22:51.84
WS2 4- [469] Thames RC XIIO_TimeOnly: T_23:11.69
WS2 4- [470] Vesta X Did Not Finish
WS2 4- [471] York City VI C_4: O_340: T_22:33.02
WS2 4- [472] Putney Town IV C_7: O_399: T_23:16.03
WS2 4+ [473] Osiris II C_2: O_336: T_22:30.18
WS2 4+ [474] Cambridge U W I C_9: O_406: T_23:25.98
WS2 4+ [475] Thames RC XIII C_1: O_326: T_22:23.31
WS2 4+ [476] Furnivall I C_10: O_418: T_23:42.94
WS2 4+ [477] Agecroft IV C_3: O_341: T_22:34.23
WS2 4+ [479] Cambridge 99 II C_4: O_345: T_22:36.38
WS2 4+ [480] Cambridge U W II C_7: O_374: T_22:52.66
WS2 4+ [483] Llandaff RC IV C_14: O_447: T_24:24.75
WS2 4+ [478] Barnes Bridge Ladies II C_11: O_425: T_23:55.45
WS2 4+ [481] Icena/Winchester Coll/Canford Sch C_12: O_433: T_24:01.93
WS2 4+ [485] Sons Of Thames III C_8: O_379: T_22:54.84
WS2 4+ [486] Stourport BC II C_13: O_445: T_24:16.18
WS2 4+ [487] Stratford-U-Avon BC II C_6: O_359: T_22:43.82
WS2 4+ [484] Reading Univ VIII C_5: O_347: T_22:36.49
WS2 4+ [489] Warwick BC IV C_15: O_461: T_25:02.72
WS2 4+ [490] Cambridge 99 IIIO_TimeOnly: T_TBC