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Head of the River Fours 4, Saturday 8 November 2008

CrewsHOR4 1HOR4 2HOR4 3HOR4 4HOR4 5HOR4 6HOR4 7HOR4 8HOR4 9HOR4 10

EventNoCrewC_ Class O_ Overall T_ Time
J 4x- [143] Marlow RC I C_12: O_102: T_20:32.65
J 4x- [144] Sir W Borlase I C_5: O_44: T_20:01.34
J 4x- [145] Kings Sch Chester I DISQUALIFIED
J 4x- [146] Kings Sch Ely/Rob Roy C_36: O_244: T_21:35.54
J 4x- [147] Abingdon Sch I C_9: O_85: T_20:24.25
J 4x- [148] Barn Elms/Lea RC/Royal Docks C_40: O_334: T_22:28.06
J 4x- [149] Bedford Modern I C_10: O_89: T_20:26.31
J 4x- [150] Carlow RC/Waterford BC C_19: O_127: T_20:45.36
J 4x- [151] Dart Totnes RC II C_20: O_136: T_20:49.46
J 4x- [152] Durham Sch/Tyne RC C_15: O_110: T_20:37.19
J 4x- [153] Gloucester RC I C_14: O_105: T_20:33.88
J 4x- [154] Henley RC III C_38: O_258: T_21:42.84
J 4x- [155] Kings Coll Sch I C_28: O_177: T_21:04.84
J 4x- [156] Kings Sch Cant I C_33: O_202: T_21:17.07
J 4x- [157] Kings Sch Chester II DISQUALIFIED
J 4x- [158] Lea RC/Royal Docks II C_39: O_296: T_22:02.98
J 4x- [159] Llandaff RC I C_16: O_120: T_20:40.91
J 4x [160] Lon Oratory Sch C_35: O_233: T_21:31.59
J 4x- [161] Maidenhead RC/Claires Court I C_6: O_49: T_20:05.60
J 4x- [162] Marlow RC II C_31: O_191: T_21:10.69
J 4x- [163] Molesey BC IX C_23: O_146: T_20:53.55
J 4x- [164] Rob Roy/Kings Sch Ely/St IVes C_2: O_24: T_19:44.03
J 4x- [165] St Edwards Sch I DISQUALIFIED
J 4x- [166] St Georges Coll I C_26: O_166: T_21:00.33
J 4x- [167] St Pauls Sch I C_4: O_32: T_19:54.86
J 4x- [168] St Peters Sch I C_24: O_150: T_20:54.13
J 4x- [169] Star Club I C_13: O_103: T_20:33.37
J 4x- [170] Tideway Scullers XI C_11: O_98: T_20:31.44
J 4x- [171] Thames RC IV C_25: O_164: T_21:00.08
J 4x- [172] Walton RC II C_8: O_74: T_20:18.43
J 4x- [173] Westminster Sch C_1: O_6: T_19:21.90
J 4x- [174] Windsor Boys Sc I C_7: O_72: T_20:18.27
J 4x- [175] Yarm Sch I C_29: O_179: T_21:05.71
J 4x- [176] York City IV C_3: O_31: T_19:53.55
J 4x- [177] Bedford Modern II C_37: O_257: T_21:42.49
J 4x- [178] Kings Coll Sch II C_22: O_143: T_20:52.39
J 4x- [179] Maidenhead RC/Claires Court II C_32: O_194: T_21:11.56
J 4x- [180] St Pauls Sch II C_30: O_190: T_21:10.36
J 4x- [181] Windsor Boys Sc II C_27: O_168: T_21:02.61
J 4x- [182] York City V C_17: O_123: T_20:43.63
J 4x- [183] Kings Coll Sch III C_21: O_142: T_20:52.30
J 4x- [184] Windsor Boys Sc III C_18: O_126: T_20:45.31
J 4x- [185] Windsor Boys Sc IV C_34: O_227: T_21:26.33