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Henley Royal Regatta Qualifiers, Friday 26 June 2008

RndsDiamondsWyfoldBritanniaP. Wales 1P.Wales 2P. AlbertP.GraceGobletsRemenhamThames 1
Thames 2Fawley 1Fawley 2Fawley 3Temple 1Temple 2Temple 3Temple 4Temple 5Temple 6P.Elizabeth

With club & university events massively oversubscribed, 211 crews competed in time trials on Friday 27 June for 74 first round places the following week. There were in addition 14 late withdrawals. Despite a failure rate of 2:1, the Henley Qualifiers are the peak of many club & university rowing careers.

Times were published only for those who failed. Times were withheld for those who reached the first round for competitive reasons.