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2011 Bedford Amateur Regatta, Saturday 14 May: Races 99 - 132

  Races 143 - 165,197 - 104Races 205-247All Races: G-Sheet
Race Rnd Event Winner Loser Play
100HIM3.4+(176) Norwich School (Dell)(175) The Oratory School BC (Haimes)
109HJ15.8+(84) Shiplake College (A)(83) St Edwards School BC (Kelly)
112HJ14.4X+(256) Marlow RC (A)(258) King`s School Ely BC (White)
99HIM3.4+(174) University of East Anglia (A)(173) Bedford Modern School BC (Holbrook)
108HW.NOV.8+(110) Peterhouse BC (W1)(111) City of Cambridge (Barnes)
106HJ15.2nd.8+(90) Radley College Boat Club (A)(89) Bedford School BC (Symonds)
111HJ14.4X+(255) Emanuel School BC (Stewart)(254) Latymer Upper School BC (Pieris)
113HJ14.4X+(261) Sir William Borlase`s BC (Gale)(259) Winchester College BC
116HW.J14.8X(156) Marlow RC (Robertson)(157) Sir William Perkins School (Koutas)
114HJ14.2nd.8X(155) Bedford School BC (B)(153) Abingdon School BC (B)
120HW.J14.8X(164) Great Marlow School BC (Smyth)(162) Oundle School BC (Mangiavacchi)
115HJ14.4X+(263) The Oratory School BC (Norman)(262) Norwich School (Steel)
118HCOL.8+(56) Downing College BC (M1)(53) Clare BC (M1)
119HW.J14.8X(160) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Chandler)(161) St Edwards School BC (Nagapetyants)
117HW.J14.8X(159) Emanuel School BC (Vidal-Hall)(158) Sir William Borlase`s BC (Radcliffe)
122HNOV.4+(190) St Hildas College BC (Phillips)(189) Norwich School (Bell)
121HNOV.4+(186) Norwich School (Wilde)(185) Bedford Rowing Club (Becker)
124HJ14.2nd.8X(143) Bedford Modern School BC (Comber)(145) St Edwards School BC (Pawley)
125HNOV.4+(188) University of East Anglia (B)(187) Bedford School BC (Maltby)
102HNOV.8+ (P)(32) City of Cambridge (Duckworth)(34) Abingdon School BC (B)
128HCOL.8+(59) St John`s College BC (M1)(58) Christ Church BC
129HJ14.2nd.8X (P)(152) Radley College Boat Club (C)(154) Shiplake College (C)
126HJ15.4X+(250) Winchester College BC (Spanos)(249) Bedford Modern School BC (Hayward)
131HCOL.8+(63) Wolfson College BC (Oxf) (England)(62) Lincoln College BC (Schulenburg)
132HCOL.8+(49) St Annes Oxford (Cox)(51) Downing College BC (M2)