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Head of the River 2011: Crews 1-80

Crews 1-80 Crews 81-160 Crews 161-240 Crews 241-320 Crews 321-405
[1]Molesey I216:54.21
[2]Leander I116:50.75Page Trophy
[3]Czech Rowing Federation (Czech Republic) I3OS16:59.6Overseas Trophy
[4]Astillero (Spain)6OS17:11.93
[5]Oxford Brookes University I1217:26.37
[6]Leander II4Lwt17:3.77Lightweight Pennant
[7]London I817:17.11Vernon Trophy
[8]Imperial College I7Lwt17:15.58
[9]Queens University, Belfast I15OU17:27.37
[10]Leander III11S17:23.98Senior Pennant
[11]Tideway Scullers' School I1917:32.66
[12]Molesey II1017:23.91
[13]Molesey III4818:2.22
[14]Imperial College II14In1U17:27.21Int1 Pen + B Churcher Trophy
[15]London II52S18:4.65
[16]Newcastle University I45In1U17:59.99
[17]Crefelder RC 1883 (Germany)18OS17:32.59
[18]Thames I20S17:39.57
[19]Zurich SC (Switzerland) I13OS17:26.71
[20]Czech Rowing Federation (Czech Republic) II5OS17:7.53
[21]Durham University I21SU17:45.6
[22]Nottingham & Union I4618:0.39
[23]Molesey IV50In118:3.74
[24]Osnabrucker RV (Germany) I33OS17:50.54
[25]City of Bristol I42In117:58.9
[26]Queens University, Belfast II22OU17:46.03
[27]Oxford Brookes University II38In117:55.06
[28]University of London I17S17:32.35
[29]Tideway Scullers' School III116In118:32.17
[30]Bayer RTHC Leverkusen (Germany)58OS18:7.87
[31]Berliner RG Wiking (Germany) I16OS17:29.62
[32]Cambridge University Lightweight BC31Lt1H17:49.54Halladay Trophy
[33]Csepel (Hungary)9OS17:22.21
[34]Esslingen RV (Germany)81OS18:16.87
[35]Hamm RC von 1890 (Germany)27OS17:48.38
[36]Nephthys (Oxford University Lightweight)36Lwt17:53.65
[37]Renn-Ruder (Germany)151OS18:46.87
[38]Star2617:48.23Jackson Trophy
[39]University College, Cork252OS19:30.84
[40]University of Zagreb (Croatia)290OS19:46.83
[41]Berliner RG Wiking (Germany) II175OS18:56.07
[43]Henley I56S18:7.16