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The Schools Head of the River 2011: Crews 1-45

Crews 1-45 Crews 46-104 Crews 105-153 Crews 154-216 Crews 217-291
Place In
CH 8+[1]Eton2216.58
CH 8+[2]Abingdon1116.53
CH 8+[3]Shrewsbury3317.01
CH 8+[4]King's, Chester9917.24
CH 8+[5]Bedford Modern7717.15
CH 8+[6]Radley3317.01
CH 8+[7]Bann Rowing Club131217.26
CH 8+[8]St. Paul's111117.25
CH 8+[9]Kingston GS8817.20
CH 8+[10]Hampton6617.13
CH 8+[11]Canford181517.41
CH 8+[12]Shiplake5517.11
CH 8+[13]Dulwich161417.33
CH 8+[14]Reading Blue Coat342018.06
CH 8+[15]Bedford362218.08
CH 8+[16]Portora9917.24
CH 8+[17]St. Edward's151317.29
CH 8+[18]Monmouth201617.48
CH 8+[20]Durham ARC732818.45
CH 8+[21]St. George's291818.00
CH 8+[22]Oratory1172919.29
CH 8+[23]Hills Road (Cantabrigian RC)562618.30
CH 8+[24]Bryanston502418.19
CH 8+[25]RGS Worcester432318.16
CH 8+[26]SC Milano342018.06
CH 8+[27]Pangbourne301918.03
CH 8+[28]Coleraine Academical Inst712718.42
CH 8+[29]Cheltenham261717.58
CH 8+[30]Bradford GS522518.26
2nd 8+[31]Eton14117.27
2nd 8+[32]Shrewsbury37618.09
2nd 8+[33]Abingdon17217.37
2nd 8+[34]Hampton26417.58
2nd 8+[35]Kingston GS30518.03
2nd 8+[36]St. Paul's24317.56
2nd 8+[37]Monmouth611118.33
2nd 8+[38]Shiplake1801320.25
2nd 8+[39]Radley43718.16
2nd 8+[40]Bedford571018.31
2nd 8+[41]St. George's46818.17
2nd 8+[42]RGS Worcester2131421.07
2nd 8+[43]Pangbourne831218.59
2nd 8+[45]St. Edward's51918.25