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2011: Twickenham Regatta Saturday 28 May: Races 104-132

  Races 65-105Races 133-164 All Races: G-Sheet

Race Event Winner Loser Play
106IM2 4+24 Kingston Rowing Club 27 Surrey University
104W.IM3 885 Molesey Boat Club 86 Thames Rowing Club
108IM3 810 Parr's Priory Rowing Club9 Kingston Rowing Club
107Mas.D/E 4x-168 Thames Rowing Club [E] 167 Kingston Rowing Club [D]
109IM3 812 Southampton University11 Putney Town Rowing Club
111W.NV 4+ (Div A)118 Reading Rowing Club117 Sons Of The Thames
114NV 1x82 Tideway Scullers Sch. (Crouch)77 Maidstone Invicta (Hynes)
113IM3 815 Sons Of The Thames16 Quintin Boat Club
115IM3 4+35 Kingston Rowing Club31University College London
112IM3 814 Thames Rowing Club13 Reading Rowing Club
128W.NV 4+ (Div A)114 Southampton University116 Queen Mary Boat Club
151IM3 812 Southampton University7 RMA Sandhurst
136IM2 88 Sons Of The Thames (Tellier)6 Vesta Rowing Club
118W.NV 2x131 Molesey Boat Club129 Twickenham Rowing Club
119Mas.E 8163 Quintin Boat Club 165 Twickenham Rowing Club
140W.NV 893 Twickenham Rowing Club 92 Reading Rowing Club
140W.NV 891 Maidenhead Rowing Club 89 Putney Town Rowing Club
124Wmas.A/B 4x-196 Ardingly [B] 197 Vesta Rowing Club [A]
141W.IM3 885 Molesey Boat Club 88 Putney Town Rowing Club
125Mas.B/C 4+175 Maidstone Invicta [C]173 Itchen Imperial [B]
127IM2 LWT 1x69 Twickenham RC (Nelson) 68 Norwich Rowing Club (Brown)
147W.NV 4x-97 Twickenham Rowing Club 96 University of Surrey
141W.IM3 884 HSBC 87 Reading Rowing Club
151IM3 812 Southampton University10 Parr's Priory Rowing Club
158Wmas.C 4x- 199 Molesey Boat Club 198 Maidstone Invicta
130W.J16 1x152 Tideway Scullers Sch (Rogal)153 Putney High School (Carpio)