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Head of the River 2012: Crews 101-150

Crews 1-50 Crews 49-100 Crews 101-150 Crews 151-200 Crews 201-250 Crews 251-300 Crews 301-350 Crews 351-404
TimeClipResult in
[101] King's College, London I131st19m 34.9Int3: 17th
[102] Durham I66th19m 06.9Int1: 14th
[103] Thames III64th19m 06.5Int1: 13rd
[104] University College, London I88th19m 16.5Int3: 6th
[105] Tyne57th19m 03.3Int1: 9th
[106] Reading I160th19m 44.6Int1: 24th
[107] Walton I74th19m 11.5Int2: 12th
[108] Tideway Scullers' School III104th19m 21.7Int2: 22nd
[109] Nottingham Rowing Club II75th19m 11.5Int1: 15th
[110] Newark63rd19m 06.0Int1: 12th
[111] Oxford Brookes University IV55th19m 00.8Int2: 9th
[112] City of Cambridge I208th20m 01.8Int2: 48th
[113] University of London IV150th19m 42.0Int3: 25th
[114] The University of Manchester I143rd19m 39.4Int2: 30th
[115] Celler RV (Germany)79th19m 13.9Open: 30th
[116] Cardiff University II345th21m 06.9Int3: 124th
[117] Oxford Brookes University V283rd20m 32.1Novice: 16th
[118] Staines I152nd19m 42.2Int2: 33rd
[119] Peterhouse, Cambridge176th19m 50.7Int3: 40th
[120] Muenchener RG (Germany)26th18m 35.3Open: 13rd
[121] Alicante (Spain)119th19m 29.0Open: 39th
[122] Argonauts I105th19m 22.5Lwt: 5th
[123] Ems-Jade-Weser (Germany)32nd18m 42.5Open: 16th
[124] Favorite Hammonia (Germany)68th19m 08.2Open: 26th
[125] Guadalquivir 86 (Spain)142nd19m 39.3Open: 44th
[126] Meles210th20m 02.0Int1: 26th
[127] Molndals (Sweden)145th19m 39.7Open: 45th
[128] Muenster von 1882 (Germany)195th19m 56.4Open: 49th
[129] Radley College82nd19m 14.8Int1: 16th
[130] RAF113rd19m 24.7Int1: 20th
[131] RC Allemannia (Germany)222nd20m 04.8Open: 53rd
[132] Regensburger RV (Germany)395th00m 00.0 Open: 67th
[133] Argonauts II126th19m 33.2Int1: 21st
[134] Kingston I87th19m 15.9Int2: 17th
[135] City of Bristol II342nd21m 03.4Int3: 122nd
[136] Jesus College, Cambridge259th20m 22.2Int3: 86th
[137] Glasgow University361st21m 27.8Novice: 40th
[138] Thames IV139th19m 38.5Int3: 21st
[139] Worcester I94th19m 19.2Int1: 18th
[140] City of Oxford80th19m 14.5Int2: 15th
[141] Thames Tradesmen's RC II213rd20m 02.7Int1: 27th
[142] Bristol Ariel165th19m 46.0Int2: 36th
[143] Molesey V306th20m 45.2Novice: 23rd
[144] Durham University IV183rd19m 52.7Novice: 5th
[145] Exeter University I110th19m 23.8Int3: 11th
[146] University of East Anglia I247th20m 17.4Int3: 78th
[147] Maidstone Invicta I91st19m 18.1Int2: 18th
[148] Lea II149th19m 41.7Int1: 23rd
[149] Strathclyde University I284th20m 32.4Int3: 98th
[150] Nottingham University II132nd19m 36.2Novice: 3rd