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Head of the River 2012: Crews 151-200

Crews 1-50 Crews 49-100 Crews 101-150 Crews 151-200 Crews 201-250 Crews 251-300 Crews 301-350 Crews 351-404
TimeClipResult in
[151] First & Third Trinity, Cambridge I202nd19m 59.3Int3: 53rd
[152] Reading University II249th20m 18.2Int2: 54th
[153] Hansa RG Hamburg (Germany)245th20m 16.9Open: 56th
[154] Zurich SC (Switzerland) II117th19m 27.4Open: 37th
[155] Imperial College V299th20m 40.8Novice: 20th
[156] Newcastle University III242nd20m 15.6Int2: 53rd
[157] Wolfson College, Oxford179th19m 51.4Int3: 43rd
[158] Curlew I76th19m 11.6Int2: 13rd
[159] Kingston Grammar School II155th19m 43.4Int3: 28th
[160] Nottingham University III184th19m 53.2Int3: 45th
[161] Pembroke College, Cambridge I180th19m 51.5Int3: 44th
[163] Leicester University I217th20m 03.3Int3: 62nd
[164] Brasenose College, Oxford297th20m 39.7Int3: 105th
[165] Maidenhead I125th19m 32.9Int3: 15th
[166] Selwyn College, Cambridge I162nd19m 44.9Int3: 32nd
[167] Vesta II120th19m 29.8Int2: 26th
[168] Bath University II266th20m 23.8Int3: 90th
[169] Broxbourne I60th19m 04.6Int1: 10th
[170] Aberdeen University I241st20m 15.3Int3: 75th
[171] Warwick University II230th20m 10.1Int3: 69th
[172] Quintin279th20m 28.4Int1: 30th
[173] Osnabrucker RV (Germany) II198th19m 57.6Open: 50th
[174] Southampton University I67th19m 08.1Int2: 10th
[175] Ardingly156th19m 43.7Int3: 29th
[176] Nottingham Trent University I309th20m 45.9Int3: 110th
[177] Cygnet I204th19m 59.9Int1: 25th
[178] City of Cambridge II228th20m 08.1Int3: 67th
[179] Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge280th20m 29.2Novice: 14th
[180] Worcester University I168th19m 46.4Int3: 36th
[181] Sheffield University I205th20m 00.0Int3: 55th
[182] Broxbourne II271st20m 24.7Int2: 60th
[183] Southampton University II190th19m 54.3Int3: 49th
[184] Nottingham & Union II274th20m 26.8Novice: 12th
[185] Cantabrigian I62nd19m 05.7 In1: 11th
[186] Sons of the Thames I166th19m 46.1Int3: 34th
[187] Royal Navy & Royal Marines251st20m 18.6Int3: 80th
[188] Caius College, Cambridge II209th20m 02.0Int3: 56th
[189] Grosvenor II264th20m 23.6Int2: 58th
[190] Clydesdale II270th20m 24.7Int2: 59th
[191] Dart Totnes255th20m 19.9Int2: 55th
[192] Ecole Centrale (France)285th20m 33.5Open: 58th
[193] Grey College, Durham231st20m 10.2Int2: 49th
[194] Leeds207th20m 01.4Int2: 47th
[195] Llandaff310th20m 46.2Int2: 64th
[196] Marlow83rd19m 15.1Int2: 16th
[197] Milton Keynes337th20m 58.6Int2: 69th
[198] Pembroke College, Oxford42nd18m 50.8Int2: 3rd
[199] Real Mediterraneo (Spain)56th19m 01.3Open: 22nd
[200] University of Surrey93rd19m 18.5Int2: 19th