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Head of the River 2012: Crews 201-250

Crews 1-50 Crews 49-100 Crews 101-150 Crews 151-200 Crews 201-250 Crews 251-300 Crews 301-350 Crews 351-404
TimeClipResult in
[201] Villach (Austria)201st19m 57.8Open: 51st
[202] Maidenhead II194th19m 55.6Int2: 44th
[203] Royal Chester II193rd19m 55.3Int2: 43rd
[204] Runcorn II333rd20m 57.7Int2: 68th
[205] Sons of the Thames II238th20m 13.7Int2: 51st
[206] University of Salford I187th19m 54.0Int3: 47th
[207] Lancaster University I223rd20m 05.3Open: 54th
[208] Itchen Imperial144th19m 39.6Int2: 31st
[209] Nemesis316th20m 48.8Int2: 66th
[210] Imperial College School of Medicine I140th19m 39.1Int3: 22nd
[212] University of London V108th19m 23.2Senior: 16th
[211] University of Bristol III186th19m 53.9Novice: 6th
[213] Cambridge '99196th19m 57.0Int3: 51st
[214] Newcastle University IV340th21m 03.2Novice: 32nd
[215] University of Essex I328th20m 55.1Novice: 29th
[216] London VI218th20m 03.4Int1: 28th
[217] Edinburgh University I159th19m 44.5Int2: 35th
[218] University of the West of England II175th19m 50.7Int3: 39th
[219] Wallingford257th20m 21.4Int2: 56th
[220] Hannoverscher RC v1880 (Germany) II235th20m 12.5Open: 55th
[221] Putney Town I141st19m 39.3Int2: 29th
[222] Angaria RG Hannover (Germany)171st19m 48.9Open: 48th
[223] Royal Free & University College Medical School I146th19m 40.3Int3: 23rd
[224] Oriel College, Oxford232nd20m 10.8Int3: 70th
[225] Reading II151st19m 42.2Int2: 32nd
[226] Akademische RV Westfalen (Germany)133rd19m 36.3Open: 42nd
[227] Swansea University I294th20m 37.3Int3: 104th
[228] Cambois244th20m 16.5Int3: 77th
[229] Vesta III189th19m 54.2Int2: 41st
[230] Bedford I214th20m 02.9Int3: 59th
[231] Bournemouth University I237th20m 13.3Int3: 73rd
[232] Trinity Hall, Cambridge I336th20m 58.3Int3: 120th
[233] Ulm-Donau (Germany) I334th20m 57.7Open: 66th
[234] Edinburgh University II288th20m 34.1Novice: 17th
[235] University College, London II305th20m 45.2Novice: 22nd
[236] Bridgnorth I356th21m 24.9Int2: 74th
[237] King's College, Cambridge254th20m 19.8Int3: 83rd
[238] Leeds University I114th19m 24.9Int2: 25th
[239] Staines II265th20m 23.8Int3: 89th
[240] HSBC II374th21m 53.8Int3: 135th
[241] Peterborough City I295th20m 37.4Int2: 63rd
[242] Trafford I290th20m 35.3Int2: 62nd
[243] Putney Town II206th20m 00.4Int2: 46th
[244] Birmingham University II379th21m 58.7Novice: 52nd
[245] Emanuel School I216th20m 03.1Int3: 61st
[246] Walbrook Rowing Club269th20m 24.3Int3: 92nd
[247] Wolfson College, Cambridge I371st21m 50.2Novice: 45th
[248] Northampton311th20m 47.1Int3: 111th
[249] Wycliffe College282nd20m 29.5Novice: 15th
[250] University College, Durham I225th20m 07.3Int3: 64th