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Head of the River 2012: Crews 251-300

Crews 1-50 Crews 49-100 Crews 101-150 Crews 151-200 Crews 201-250 Crews 251-300 Crews 301-350 Crews 351-404
TimeClipResult in
[251] Deeside Scullers262nd20m 23.0Int3: 87th
[252] Rob Roy II211th20m 02.2Int3: 57th
[253] St Aidan's College, Durham I 395th00m 00.0 Novice: 65th
[254] St Neots275th20m 26.8Int2: 61st
[255] Vesta IV348th21m 09.9Int2: 71st
[256] Curlew II261st20m 22.5Int1: 29th
[257] Heriot-Watt University364th21m 33.2Novice: 41st
[258] Monkton Bluefriars I134th19m 36.4Int3: 18th
[259] Sudbury182nd19m 52.0Int2: 40th
[260] Norwich278th20m 27.6Int3: 96th
[227] Swansea University I294th20m 37.3Int3: 104th
[261] Clare College, Cambridge I197th19m 57.1Int3: 52nd
[262] Anglia Ruskin University I250th20m 18.2Int3: 79th
[263] Balliol College, Oxford161st19m 44.7Int3: 31st
[264] Bangor University358th21m 26.3Int3: 128th
[265] Bedford School70th19m 09.0Int3: 3rd
[267] Chester University331st20m 56.1Int3: 118th
[268] Christs College, Cambridge I138th19m 38.0Int3: 20th
[269] Coalporters219th20m 03.7Int3: 63rd
[270] Emmanuel, Cambridge233rd20m 11.4Int3: 71st
[271] Eton Excelsior215th20m 03.0Int3: 60th
[272] Globe I227th20m 07.7Int3: 66th
[273] Hull University252nd20m 19.0Int3: 81st
[274] Lady Margaret BC, Cambridge112th19m 24.4Int3: 12th
[275] London School of Economics229th20m 09.1Int3: 68th
[276] Magdalene, Cambridge256th20m 20.2Int3: 84th
[277] Medway Towns272nd20m 25.4Int3: 93rd
[278] Minerva Bath300th20m 42.1Int3: 107th
[279] Northwich303rd20m 44.7Int3: 108th
[280] Plymouth289th20m 34.8Int3: 101st
[281] Queens College, Cambridge115th19m 25.5Int3: 13rd
[282] Rhwyfo Cymru38th18m 47.1Int 3 Pennant
[283] Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst273rd20m 26.0Int3: 94th
[284] Rotsee RC (Switzerland)130th19m 34.7Open: 41st
[285] St Andrews University192nd19m 54.8Int3: 50th
[286] St Cuthberts College, Durham383rd22m 13.1Int3: 137th
[287] St Georges Hospital188th19m 54.1Int3: 48th
[288] St Hild & St Bede, Durham177th19m 51.0Int3: 41st
[289] St Peter's School128th19m 34.1Int3: 16th
[290] Tyne United212th20m 02.6Int3: 58th
[291] University College, Oxford97th19m 20.0Int3: 8th
[292] Wadham College, Oxford I157th19m 44.1Int3: 30th
[293] Worcester College, Oxford178th19m 51.2Int3: 42nd
[294] Auriol Kensington II369th21m 49.0Int3: 133rd
[295] Bedford II382nd22m 11.1Int3: 136th
[296] Bedford School II287th20m 33.8Int3: 100th
[297] Furnivall II321st20m 50.2Int3: 112th
[298] Globe II370th21m 49.3Int3: 134th
[299] University of Salford II367th21m 46.0Int3: 132nd
[300] Shiplake College II395th00m 00.0Int3: 139th