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Head of the River 2012: Crews 301-350

Crews 1-50 Crews 49-100 Crews 101-150 Crews 151-200 Crews 201-250 Crews 251-300 Crews 301-350 Crews 351-404
TimeClipResult in
[301] Trinity Hall, Cambridge II355th21m 24.9Int3: 127th
[302] Ulm-Donau (Germany) II102nd19m 21.7Open: 36th
[303] Exeter University III107th19m 22.9Int3: 10th
[304] Lea IV325th20m 52.2Int3: 115th
[305] Thames VI203rd19m 59.4Int3: 54th
[306] De Montfort University258th20m 21.6Int3: 85th
[307] Treviris Trier (Germany) II312th20m 47.4Open: 61st
[308] Green Templeton College, Oxford116th19m 26.5Int3: 14th
[309] York University I78th19m 13.2Int2: 14th
[310] Liverpool University I167th19m 46.2Int3: 35th
[312] Collingwood College, Durham277th20m 27.3Int3: 95th
[313] Tees341st21m 03.3Int2: 70th
[314] Maidstone Invicta II240th20m 14.6Int2: 52nd
[315] Thames V308th20m 45.7Novice: 24th
[316] Parr's Priory I191st19m 54.6Int2: 42nd
[317] Bewdley I260th20m 22.5Int2: 57th
[318] Hughes Hall, Cambridge I185th19m 53.5Int3: 46th
[319] Worcester University II263rd20m 23.2Int3: 88th
[320] Kingston II239th20m 13.8Int3: 74th
[321] Imperial College School of Medicine II372nd21m 51.9Novice: 46th
[322] Merton College, Oxford307th20m 45.2Int3: 109th
[323] Cantabrigian II234th20m 12.5Int2: 50th
[324] Hatfield College, Durham I148th19m 40.5Int3: 24th
[325] Bewdley II391st23m 05.8Int3: 138th
[326] Royal Free & University College Medical School II346th21m 07.9Int3: 125th
[327] Hereford I172nd19m 49.2Int2: 38th
[328] Cygnet II354th21m 22.6Int3: 126th
[329] Swansea University II380th22m 02.4Novice: 53rd
[330] Warwick Graduate315th20m 48.6Int2: 65th
[331] Hereford II351st21m 14.1Int2: 73rd
[332] The University of Manchester II226th20m 07.3Int3: 65th
[333] Gloucester II329th20m 55.4Int2: 67th
[334] Nottingham Rowing Club III158th19m 44.5Int2: 34th
[335] Emanuel School II335th20m 57.8Int3: 119th
[336] Benrath RG (Germany)330th20m 55.5Open: 65th
[337] Warwick University III363rd21m 29.9Int3: 131st
[338] Liverpool University II268th20m 24.0Int3: 91st
[339] Kingston III292nd20m 37.0Novice: 18th
[340] Van Mildert College, Durham I286th20m 33.6Int3: 99th
[341] DRC Hannover (Germany) II221st20m 04.3Open: 52nd
[342] Lincoln I236th20m 12.7Int3: 72nd
[343] De Maas KRZV, Rotterdam (Netherlands)301st20m 42.9Open: 59th
[344] Bath University III302nd20m 43.4Novice: 21st
[345] Oxford Academicals298th20m 40.2Int3: 106th
[346] Exeter University II220th20m 03.8Novice: 8th
[347] Southampton University III344th21m 05.4Novice: 33rd
[348] Lancaster University II378th21m 58.3Novice: 51st
[349] King's College, London II332nd20m 57.1Novice: 30th
[350] Selwyn College, Cambridge II314th20m 47.6Novice: 25th