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Head of the River 2012: Crews 351-404

Crews 1-50 Crews 49-100 Crews 101-150 Crews 151-200 Crews 201-250 Crews 251-300 Crews 301-350 Crews 351-404
TimeClipResult in
[351] Lea III169th19m 46.6Int3: 37th
[352] St. Barts & The Royal London Hospitals353rd21m 18.7Novice: 37th
[353] Kings School Canterbury347th21m 09.0Novice: 34th
[354] London Oratory School199th19m 57.8Novice: 7th
[355] Poplar Blackwall & District386th22m 32.8Novice: 57th
[356] St Chads College, Durham368th21m 48.2Novice: 44th
[357] St Johns College, Durham385th22m 26.3Novice: 56th
[358] Trentham122nd19m 30.6Novice: 2nd
[359] First & Third Trinity, Cambridge II323rd20m 50.9Novice: 28th
[360] Anglia Ruskin University II395th00m 00.0 Novice: 65th
[361] Bridgnorth II393rd23m 40.3Novice: 63rd
[362] Christs College, Cambridge II248th20m 17.6Novice: 11th
[363] Clare College, Cambridge II276th20m 26.8Novice: 13rd
[364] University of East Anglia II377th21m 55.8Novice: 50th
[366] Lincoln II318th20m 49.5Novice: 26th
[367] Monkton Bluefriars II338th21m 00.4Novice: 31st
[368] Pembroke College, Cambridge II246th20m 17.2Novice: 10th
[369] Roehampton University II381st22m 03.3Novice: 54th
[370] St Georges Hospital II357th21m 26.1Novice: 38th
[371] Wadham College, Oxford II359th21m 26.7Novice: 39th
[372] Walton II121st19m 30.6Novice Pennant
[373] Worcester II388th22m 38.4Novice: 59th
[374] York City II389th22m 42.5Novice: 60th
[375] York University II296th20m 37.7Novice: 19th
[376] Royal Chester III390th22m 58.7Novice: 61st
[377] University of the West of England III319th20m 49.8Novice: 27th
[378] Kingston IV392nd23m 15.0Novice: 62nd
[379] Putney Town IV352nd21m 16.7Novice: 36th
[380] Warwick University IV224th20m 06.8Novice: 9th
[381] University College, Durham II322nd20m 50.6Int3: 113rd
[382] Bournemouth University II291st20m 36.5Int3: 102nd
[383] Strathclyde University II373rd21m 52.5Novice: 47th
[384] Sheffield University II349th21m 12.4Novice: 35th
[385] Weybridge362nd21m 28.4Int3: 130th
[386] Aberdeen University II375th21m 55.0Novice: 48th
[387] University of Essex II384th22m 25.0Novice: 55th
[388] Boar's Head327th20m 53.8Int3: 117th
[389] Auriol Kensington I324th20m 51.5Int3: 114th
[390] Furnivall I339th21m 01.8Int3: 121st
[391] St Aidan's College, Durham II281st20m 29.5Int3: 97th
[392] Trafford II350th21m 13.2Int2: 72nd
[393] Peterborough City II360th21m 27.2Int3: 129th
[394] Hatfield College, Durham II293rd20m 37.0Int3: 103rd
[395] Leicester253rd20m 19.1Int3: 82nd
[396] Mersey343rd21m 04.7Int3: 123rd
[397] Leeds University II181st19m 51.9Int2: 39th
[399] Putney Town III243rd20m 16.3Int3: 76th
[400] Nottingham Trent University II366th21m 43.5Novice: 43rd
[398] Van Mildert College, Durham II376th21m 55.0Novice: 49th
[401] Wolfson College, Cambridge II365th21m 40.4Novice: 42nd
[402] Parr's Priory II326th20m 52.9Int3: 116th
[403] Durham II387th22m 32.9Novice: 58th
[404] Roehampton University I394th24m 04.1Novice: 64th