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Monmouth Regatta 2012: Afternoon Races 80-137

G-Sheet am Races 31-47 am Races 51-64 pm Races 77-117 pm Races 80-137 pm Races 99-148 pm Races 92-154
Race Event Stage Winner Loser
110 Womens Im 3 Coxed FoursSemi(96) Bath Univ (Milligan)(94) Hereford RC
81 Phil Mathew Memorial EightsSemi(5) Monmouth Sch RC(6) Bristol Ariel
80 Intermediate 2 Coxed FoursSemi(81) Bath Univ(82) Monmouth Sch RC
107 Novice EightsSemi(23) Monkton Combe Sch(22) City of Bristol RC
108 Novice EightsSemi(26) Swansea Univ RC(27) Monmouth Sch RC
102 Junior 14A Coxed QuadsFinal(65) Monmouth Sch RC (James)(63) Monkton Combe Sch (Simpson)
113 Intermediate 2 QuadsFinal(39) Old Monmothians(41) Winner Prev
124 Womens J18A Double ScullsFinal(136) Hereford RC(135) Dart Totnes RC
125 Womens Im 3 Coxless QuadsFinal(42) Reading Univ BC(43) Swansea Univ RC
115 Womens J14A Coxed QuadsFinal(70) Bewdley RC(67) City of Bristol RC
101 Junior 14A Coxed QuadsSemi(60) Monmouth Sch RC (Sparkes)(62) Bradford on Avon
137 Womens J13 Coxed QuadsFinal(73) Hmsg RC HABS 3(72) Hmsg RC HABS 2