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The Schools Head of the River 2012 Tuesday 20 March

Crews 1-62 Crews 64-103 Crews 104-159 Crews 163-206 Crews 207-262 Crews 265-312
Category Winners
Place In
Ch8+ Gold[1] Abingdon 1116m 53s
Ch8+ Silver[5] Hampton 2216m 56s
Ch8+ Bronze[3] Shrewsbury 3316m 59s
1st8+ [17] Canford 11117m 27s
2nd8+ [45] Abingdon 10117m 23s
3rd8+ [80] Hampton 32117m 51s
J16 Ch8+[85] St Pauls 15117m 33s
J16 1st8+[93] Dulwich 40117m 58s
J15 Ch 8+[104] St Pauls 43118m 01s
J16 2nd 8+[115] Hampton 65118m 29s
J15 1st 8+[128] Sir William Borlase 66118m 30s
J15 2nd 8+[142] St Pauls 70118m 37s
WCh 8+ Gold[163] Lady Eleanor Holles 100119m 02s
WCh 8+ Bronze[165] Sir William Borlase 104219m 05s
WCh 8+ Silver[164] Headington 113319m 17s
WJ16 8+[182] Sir William Perkins 165119m 57s
WJ16 8+[183] Haberdashers Monmouth 166119m 57s
WJ15 8+[212] Headington 156119m 51s
J4x [70] Walton RC 27117m 46s
J 4-[208] Westminster 78118m 41s
J 4+[229] Westminster 92118m 53s
J16 +[252] Sir William Borlase 117119m 20s
J15 4+[291] Westminster A 141119m 38s
WJ 4x[189] Latymer Upper A 124119m 24s
WJ 4x[190] Headington 125119m 24s
WJ 4-[266] Sir William Borlase 211120m 37s
WJ 4+[283] Kings Chester 216120m 44s
WJ16 4+[311] Durham 261121m 48s