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The Schools Head of the River 2012: Crews 163-206

Crews 1-62 Crews 64-103 Crews 104-159 Crews 163-206 Crews 207-262 Crews 265-312
Place In
WCh 8+[163] Lady Eleanor Holles 100119m 02s
WCh 8+[164] Headington 113319m 17s
J15 2nd 8+[162] Radley B 2822122m 32s
WCh 8+[165] Sir William Borlase 104219m 05s
WCh 8+[166] Kings Chester 163719m 55s
WCh 8+[167] Methodist Belfast 177920m 03s
WCh 8+[168] Canford 2341121m 06s
WCh 8+[169] Emanuel 2471321m 23s
WCh 8+[170] Shrewsbury 2411221m 13s
WCh 8+[171] St Marys 2511421m 29s
WCh 8+[172] St Peters 2631521m 49s
WCh 8+[174] Pangbourne 131519m 29s
WCh 8+[176] Marlow RC 147619m 43s
WCh 8+[175] Northwich RC A 2331021m 04s
WCh 8+[177] Kingston GS 171819m 59s
WCh 8+[179] Cheltenham Ladies 2651621m 57s
WCh 8+[180] Bedford Girls 123419m 24s
WJ16 8+[182] Sir William Perkins 1651119m 57s
WJ16 8+[183] Haberdashers Monmouth 1661219m 57s
WJ16 8+[184] Tideway Scullers 1381019m 35s
WJ16 8+[185] Lady Eleanor Holles 1721319m 59s
WJ16 8+[186] Putney High 2931623m 49s
WJ16 8+[187] Great Marlow 2221520m 51s
WJ16 8+[188] Godolphin and Latymer 2091420m 35s
WJ 4x[189] Latymer Upper A 124119m 24s
WJ 4x[190] Headington 125219m 24s
WJ 4x[191] Nottingham RC 137419m 31s
WJ 4x[192] Latymer Upper B 1971020m 23s
WJ 4x[193] Bradford ARC 2291321m 00s
WJ 4x[194] Gloucester-Hartpury 151719m 47s
WJ 4x[195] Latymer Upper C 2371421m 08s
WJ 4x[197] Kingston GS 176820m 01s
WJ 4x[198] Kings Worcester A 195920m 22s
WJ 4x[199] Tiffin 2031120m 27s
WJ 4x[200] Kingsley 2381521m 08s
WJ 4x[201] Hereford Cathedral 2681722m 01s
WJ 4x[202] Henley RC 150619m 46s
WJ 4x[203] George Watsons 2201220m 49s
WJ 4x[204] Evesham 142519m 39s
WJ 4x[205] Canford 130319m 28s
WJ 4x[206] Kings Worcester B 2441621m 22s