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The Schools Head of the River 2012: Crews 207-262

Crews 1-62 Crews 64-103 Crews 104-159 Crews 163-206 Crews 207-262 Crews 265-312
Place In
J 4-[207] Windsor Boys 108219m 12s
J 4-[208] Westminster 78118m 41s
J 4-[209] London Oratory 236421m 06s
J 4-[210] Latymer Upper 185320m 10s
WJ15 8+[211] Sir William Perkins 196420m 23s
WJ15 8+[212] Headington 156119m 51s
WJ15 8+[213] Kingston GS 235921m 06s
WJ15 8+[214] Lady Eleanor Holles 158219m 52s
J 4+[225] Durham 184620m 09s
J 4+[226] Monmouth 2211120m 49s
J16 +[245] Norwich A 132319m 29s
J 4+[228] Yarm 2121020m 40s
J 4+[229] Westminster 92118m 53s
J 4+[230] George Heriots 2241220m 52s
J 4+[231] Stratford-upon-Avon RC A 193820m 21s
J 4+[232] St Georges 201920m 25s
J 4+[234] Perse /Cam99 2451421m 22s
J 4+[235] Kingsley A 2261320m 56s
J 4+[236] Kings Worcester 187720m 14s
J 4+[237] Kings Chester 167419m 57s
J 4+[238] Hereford Cathedral 174520m 00s
J 4+[239] Cheltenham 2531621m 29s
J 4+[240] Bishop Veseys 2501521m 28s
J 4+[241] Stratford-upon-Avon RC B 2801722m 27s
J 4+[242] Bedford 112219m 16s
J16 +[244] Westminster 161519m 53s
J16 +[245] Norwich A 132319m 29s
J16 +[246] Yarm 2061220m 30s
J16 +[248] Norwich B 1881020m 15s
J16 +[249] St Georges 164619m 56s
J16 +[250] St Edwards 2251420m 53s
J15 4+[301] Bishop Veseys 2891523m 12s
J16 +[251] Shiplake A 2131320m 41s
J16 +[252] Sir William Borlase 117119m 20s
J16 +[253] Monmouth 126219m 25s
J16 +[254] Latymer Upper 175820m 01s
J16 +[255] Hinksey 2301521m 00s
J16 +[256] Hereford Cathedral 2401621m 11s
J16 +[257] Great Marlow 145419m 40s
J16 +[258] George Heriots 173720m 00s
J16 +[260] Emanuel 178920m 04s
J16 +[261] Durham 2541721m 32s
J16 +[262] Dulwich 1921120m 20s