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2012 Staines Amateur Regatta 2: Races 125-141

G-Sheet Races: 103-121 Races: 125-141 Races: 143-171 Races: 174-192 Races: 192-211 Races: 212-222 Races: 222-238
No Rnd Event Winner Loser Play
125SFJ16 2x[166] Reading RC (Hudson)[169] Doncaster Schools RA (Furniss)
126SFMx S 2x[117] Twickenham RC[119] Guildford RC (Manton)
127SFMx S 2x[120] Staines[118] Guildford RC (GUI Sadler)
128SFIm1 4-[104] Sons of the Thames[102] Staines
131SFJ 2x[156] Kingston RC[159] Guildford RC (Warne)
133SFWJ 14 2x[202] Staines[204] Ross RC (Leach)
134SFMx Im3 2x[139] Doncaster Schools RA[140] Sons of the Thames
130SFJ 2x[158] Weybridge RC[157] Guildford RC (Kulczyk)
135SFMx Im3 2x[138] Doncaster Schools RA Composite[141] Weybridge RC
138SFN 4+[25] Sons of the Thames (Wilcox)[26] Guildford RC
132SFWJ 14 2x[203] Ross RC (Vines)[209] Sir W Perkins s Sch (Yetman)
141SFW Im3 2x[132] Cambridge Univ Women (Game)[131] Guildford RC
140SFJ14 2x[197] Reading RC[194] Guildford RC (Banks)
141SFW Im3 2x[133] Cambridge Univ Women (Maw)[135] Weybridge Ladies (Goldthorpe)