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2013 Staines Amateur Regatta 1: Races 119-136

Races G-Sheet 119-136 132-147 144-161 152-175 166-178 177-195 189-202
No Rnd Event Winner Loser Play
119WInt3 4+SF17 Sons of the Thames 11 Staines
122J14 2xSF195 Walbrook Ted Schs (Fillingham) 194 Staines
120WInt3 4+SF14 Putney Town RC (Gray) 16 Putney Town RC (Lister)
127WJ15 2xSF190 Reading RC 187 Doncaster Schools RA
128WJ15 2xSF189 Ross RC188 Burway RC
130WJ13 1xSF300 Abingdon RC (Stutt) 299 Ross RC (Gladstone)
129WJ13 1xSF298 Burway RC (Brown) 302 Abingdon RC (Dunmore)
131J12 4x+SF53 Staines (Stewart)52 Guildford RC
125WMAS B/C 2xSF161 Eton Excelsior (Mas C)160 Twickenham RC (Mas C)
136S 1xFinal214 Twickenham RC (Nelson) 212 Staines (Oades)