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Womens Eights Head of the River 2013: Crews 122-193

Crews 1-55 56-121 122-193 194-263 264-320
Int 3[122] De Montfort University BC19221:31.45
Int 3[123] Devil's Elbow, Welbeck College BC28623:16.52
Int 3[124] Downing College BC3819:50.04
Int 3 University[126] Emmanuel College BC13220:52.93
Int 3[127] Glasgow University BC A4719:57.75
Int 3[128] Globe25222:23.24
Int 3[129] Gloucester Hartpury19321:31.85
Int 3 Provincial Club[130] Gloucester12620:48.35
Int 3[131] Green Templeton BC6520:13.70
Int 3 University[132] Grey College BC15021:06.36
Int 3 Provincial Club[133] Grosvenor B11020:40.01
Int 3[134] Hatfield College BC A8320:26.41
Int 3 Club[135] HSBC9820:32.71
Int 3[136] Imperial College BC B1019:09.69
Int 3 University[137] Imperial College of Medicine BC A15621:08.94
Int 3[138] Jesus College BC (C)8420:26.43
Int 3 University[140] Leeds University BC14621:01.73
Int 3[141] Leicester25022:22.17
Int 3[144] Lincoln17121:18.57
Int 3[145] Loughborough BC25422:24.78
Int 3 University[146] Manchester University BC A9620:32.58
Int 3[147] Minerva Bath20621:40.44
Int 3[148] Molesey BC C8020:23.67
Int 3 University[149] Murray Edwards College BC A13920:55.46
Int 3[150] Nemesis BC22721:56.22
Int 3 University[151] Newnham College BC10820:38.71
Int 3 Provincial Club[152] Northwich14821:05.12
Int 3[153] Nottingham University BC B18421:26.87
Int 3[154] Parr's Priory27822:59.85
Int 3 University[155] Pembroke College BC (C)12720:48.48
Int 3 University[156] Peterhouse BC8820:28.12
Int 3 Club[157] Putney Town B11620:43.29
Int 3 Club[158] Bristol Ariel RC B T/O24:25.97
Int 3[159] Quintin BC , Westminster University BC26522:36.50
Int 3[160] City of Sheffield, RAF23121:58.12
Int 3 Club[161] Reading B16121:13.98
Int 3[162] Robinson College BC27722:58.51
Int 3[163] Ross A29923:54.20
Int 3 University[164] RUMS BC A14321:00.13
Int 3[165] Runcorn B17621:20.44
Int 3[166] Sheffield University BC A19421:32.26
Int 3[167] Sons of the Thames A20321:38.56
Int 3[168] Southampton ARC18221:25.78
Int 3 University[169] St Catharines College BC (C)13020:50.86
Int 3[170] St Cuthberts College BC27422:49.03
Int 3 University[171] St Georges Hospital BC A12920:49.77
Int 3[172] St Hild & St Bede College BC18521:26.90
Int 3[173] St Johns College BC (D)22021:49.50
Int 3[174] St Neots22821:57.19
Int 3[175] Strathclyde University BC A21721:48.05
Int 3[176] Sudbury20721:40.46
Int 3 University[177] Swansea University A15821:11.59
Int 3 Provincial Club[178] Grosvenor RC B T/O
Int 3[179] Trafford25322:23.97
Int 3[180] Trentham BC A5720:05.72
Int 3[181] Trinity Hall BC18021:23.03
Int 3 Club[182] Twickenham A9420:30.99
Int 3[183] Tyne B18121:24.99
Int 3[184] University of London BC B3419:45.89
Int 3[185] Van Mildert BC18821:27.22
Int 3 University[186] Wadham College BC8920:28.40
Int 3[187] Walbrook A17421:19.60
Int 3[188] Warwick BC17721:20.64
Int 3[189] Weybridge Ladies ARC A19921:34.49
Int 3 Provincial Club[190] Worcester12120:44.18
Int 3 University[191] Worcester University BC A16621:16.44
Int 3[192] X-Press BC16721:16.49
Int 3 Provincial Club[193] York City B15221:07.19