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Womens Eights Head of the River Saturday 9 March 2013

Crews 1-55 56-121 122-193 194-263 264-320
Pennant Winners
Elite[57] Imperial College BC A118:16.57Head
Senior[3] Vesta A318:47.63Club
Elite[65] Cus Milano A418:49.19Overseas
Senior[1] Thames A618:50.97Senior
Senior[4] Nottingham A718:57.54Provincial Club
Int 2[92] Exeter University BC A819:02.03Intermediate 2
Int 3[18] University of London BC A919:07.92Intermediate 3
Int 1[5] Wallingford1119:11.89Intermediate 1
Int 3[6] Reading University BC1219:14.24University
School/Junior[13] Headington School Oxford A1419:17.12School/Junior
Masters A[47] Lea A1819:23.42Masters
Novice[251] Lea C5420:02.39Novice Club
Novice[249] Kings College London BC A6020:11.54Novice Academic
Int 2 Club[86] Army9120:30.26HM Forces