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HRR Qualifiers 8: Remenham Challenge Cup

152Barnes Bridge Ladies' Rowing Club and Furnivall Sculling Club 7:28.8
153Cardiff University and Oxford University Women's Boat Club 7:14.2
154Clyde Amateur Rowing Club and Edinburgh UniversityQualified
155Furnivall Sculling Club and Putney Town Rowing Club 7:25.1
156Imperial College London and The Tideway Scullers' School 7:14.0
159Osiris Boat Club and Headington School 7:27.8
160Oxford Brookes University and Tethys Boat ClubQualified
163Tees Rowing Club and Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club 7:26.6
165Upper Thames Rowing Club and Star and Arrow ClubQualified
166Wallingford Rowing Club 7:22.2