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In the Head of the River, Saturday 27 March 2009, [12] Imperial College I won the Intermediate 1 Pennant. They were third University behind Oxford Brookes and Queens, Belfast, and 16th overall in a time of 18m 6.6s

2010: RowTv archives

Starting 1999, all RowTv video race coverage used to be stored on local hosts. Some clips - including Henley Finals - are still there. To save costs, the first two years were removed and are held on tape.

Since February 2005, RowTv video has been stored "in the clouds". First Google then YouTube have offered generous coding and hosting facilities easily accessible the world over.

In 2008 the focus shifted to High-Defintion streaming, from Vimeo using Amazon disk farms, from Google alummii Ooyala, and from Paris-based DailyMotion. YouTube have responded first with their own HD streaming, then an increase in picture size.

The best streaming formats require fast broadband access, and at present some may find the new standards difficult to sustain on UK networks.

The new streaming media sites are designed for easy searching, if you know what you are looking for. But browsing may be more difficult, and so these pages are designed for one-stop access.

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David Flook