Double Sculls Challenge Cup 2012: Qualifiers

Final Rounds
No Crew Club Result
[436] C.J. Beech & L.P. Beech Worcester Rowing Club08:32.9
[439] M.W.J. Calvin & J.A. Nelson Twickenham Rowing Club08:59.8
[441] A.W. Davies & L.P. Birdsey Cardiff City Rowing Club and Minerva Bath Rowing Club(Qualified)
[442] E.J. Grisedale & J.C. Guppy Northwich Rowing Club and Eastbourne Rowing Club(Qualified)
[443] J.P. Halliday & H. Bond Thames Rowing Club and Vesta Rowing Club08:31.8
[444] R.A. Hosking & P.J. Keane Walton Rowing Club and Tyrian Club(Qualified)
[445] M.R. Mitchell & B.O.A. Board Bexhill Amateur Rowing Club and Shoreham Rowing Club(Qualified)
[447] A. Radovic & J.M. Pieper, USA Drexel University, U.S.A.08:45.9
[449] S.T. Thompson & W.J.C. Curry Chester-le-Street Amateur Rowing Club(Qualified)
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