The Double Sculls Challenge Cup 2013: Qualifiers

Thursday Friday Final Rounds
No Name Result Play
[426]R L Colborne & J D M Scrivener (Martyrs Boat Club and Cheltenham College)8:01.0
[429]W P J Hoodless & W J King (Upper Thames Rowing Club)7:44.1
[430]S T Knight & D A Bell (University of London and Molesey Boat Club)Qualified
[432]W H Mackworth-Praed & E J Barton (Auriol Kensington Rowing Club and Exeter University)Qualified
[433]M H Mole & D W L Fisher (Tyne United Rowing Club)Qualified
[434]E Parkhouse & S D Goodbrand (Rob Roy Boat Club)Qualified
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