The Fawley Challenge Cup 2013: Qualifiers

Wednesday Thursday Friday Final Rounds
No Crew Result Play
[269]Bishop Vesey's Grammar School7:57.3
[270]Claires Court School AQualified
[271]Claires Court School B7:27.5
[272]Dart Totnes Amateur Rowing ClubQualified
[268]Bedford Modern School7:36.7
[273]Doncaster Rowing ClubQualified
[274]Dulwich College7:37.5
[275]Emanuel School7:34.4
[278]Globe Rowing Club7:25.0
[279]Henley Rowing Club7:15.1
[282]Lea Rowing Club AQualified
[283]Lea Rowing Club B7:28.4
[285]Liverpool Victoria Rowing Club A7:39.7
[286]Liverpool Victoria Rowing Club B8:09.2
[288]Maidstone Invicta Rowing Club7:16.8
[290]Marlow Rowing Club BQualified
[291]Marlow Rowing Club C7:23.0
[292]Molesey Boat Club A7:20.2
[293]Molesey Boat Club B7:16.5
[294]Monkton Combe School7:21.2
[295]Monmouth Comprehensive School7:20.7
[296]Newark Rowing ClubQualified
[298]Radley CollegeQualified
[299]Royal Grammar School, High WycombeQualified
[300]St Paul's School7:19.5
[301]St Peter's School7:16.5
[302]Shiplake College A7:26.2
[303]Shiplake College B7:27.9
[305]Star and Arrow Club7:15.6
[306]Star Club AQualified
[307]Star Club B7:23.3
[308]The King's School, Chester7:32.8
[309]The King's School, Worcester7:15.3
[310]The London Oratory School7:19.4
[311]The Tideway Scullers' School AQualified
[312]The Tideway Scullers' School B7:24.7
[313]The Tideway Scullers' School C7:24.6
[315]Tiffin School A7:34.3
[316]Tiffin School B7:29.4
[320]Westminster School BQualified
[321]Weybridge Rowing ClubQualified
[322]Wycliffe College7:24.8
[323]York City Rowing Club AQualified
[324]York City Rowing Club B7:18.6
[281]Latymer Upper School7:25.2
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