The Prince Albert Challenge Cup 2013: Qualifiers

Wednesday Thursday Final Rounds
No Crew Result Play
[354]Bedford Modern School7:59.0
[355]Boston College High School, USA7:37.4
[358]Cardiff University7:41.7
[360]Downing College, Cambridge7:45.2
[362]Edinburgh University 'A'Qualified
[363]Edinburgh University 'B'7:29.5
[364]Exeter UniversityQualified
[365]Hatfield College, Durham and St Mary's College, Durham7:39.7
[366]Imperial College London 'A'Qualified
[367]Imperial College London 'B'Qualified
[369]King's College, London7:41.7
[370]Liverpool University7:51.0
[372]Manchester University 'B'7:49.8
[373]Newcastle UniversityQualified
[374]Nottingham University7:38.8
[375]Oxford Brookes University7:40.0
[376]Pembroke College, Cambridge and Peterhouse, Cambridge7:52.3
[377]Reading University7:29.8
[378]Salford University7:45.5
[379]Southampton University7:33.8
[380]Swansea University7:33.6
[382]Trinity College, Hartford, USA7:27.4
[383]University of Bath 'A'Qualified
[384]University of Bath 'B'7:38.4
[385]University of LondonQualified
[386]University of Surrey7:46.1
[389]University of Virginia 'B', USAQualified
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