The Temple Challenge Cup 2013: Qualifiers

Qualifiers 2 Wednesday Thursday Friday Final Rounds
[67]Abingdon School6:47.5
[69]Bedford Modern School7:14.3
[70]Bedford School7:08.4
[72]Cardiff University6:48.3
[75]Durham University6:52.3
[76]Eton College AQualified
[77]Eton College B6:47.1
[78]Exeter UniversityQualified
[79]Glasgow University6:55.9
[80]Goldie Boat ClubQualified
[82]Hampton SchoolQualified
[84]Imperial College School of Medicine, LondonQualified
[85]Jesus College, Cambridge A6:54.7
[87]King's College School, Wimbledon7:01.4
[88]King's College, Cambridge and St Catharine's College, CambridgeQualified
[89]Manchester University6:48.5
[90]Monmouth School7:07.4
[92]Newcastle University BQualified
[96]Oxford Brookes University CQualif
[97]Oxford Brookes University DQualified
[98]Pangbourne College7:09.3
[99]Queen's University, Belfast6:58.3
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