The Thames Challenge Cup 2013: Qualifiers

Wednesday Thursday Friday Final Rounds
No Crew Result Play
[12]Auriol Kensington Rowing Club7:06.4
[14]Black Sheep Rowing Club7:04.0
[15]Cambridge '99 Rowing ClubQualified
[17]Cantabrigian Rowing Club B7:02.3
[18]Cardiff City Rowing ClubQualified
[19]City of Bristol Rowing Club6:58.1
[20]City of Cambridge Rowing ClubQualified
[21]City of Oxford Rowing ClubQualified
[22]Combined Services Rowing Club6:51.6
[23]Derby Rowing ClubQualified
[24]Elizabethan Boat Club6:51.2
[25]Exeter Rowing ClubQualified
[27]Green Lake Crew B U S A 6:51.1
[29]Grosvenor Rowing ClubQualified
[31]Kingston Rowing Club BQualified
[34]Lea Rowing Club B6:57.4
[36]Maidenhead Rowing Club6:59.4
[39]Nemesis Boat Club6:48.9
[40]Nonesuch Boat ClubQualified
[42]Norwich Rowing Club6:52.8
[44]Nottingham Rowing Club6:52.1
[45]Putney Town Rowing Club A7:04.7
[46]Putney Town Rowing Club B7:10.1
[47]Reading Rowing Club A6:49.7
[48]Reading Rowing Club B7:13.5
[50]Royal Chester Rowing Club B6:58.7
[51]Sons of the Thames Rowing Club6:55.4
[53]Thames Rowing Club BQualified
[54]Thames Rowing Club C7:04.6
[58]Twickenham Rowing Club AQualified
[59]Twickenham Rowing Club B7:24.1
[61]Upper Thames Rowing Club BQualified
[62]Upper Thames Rowing Club C6:57.7
[64]Vesta Rowing Club B7:00.4
[65]Walton Rowing Club6:51.4
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